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The Tree Room and decorated Christmas trees are the heart of Festival.  Each year sponsors from the community support Festival by sponsoring a tree or providing a decorated tree of their own design.  Our Tree Room, located in Stockmens Pavilion, will feature as many as 50 breathtaking trees, along with many hand-crafted wreaths designed by our own professional decorators.


Each tree and wreath is completely unique and only available during the annual Festival of Trees.  Trees and wreaths can be purchased through online or in person bidding starting November 28 at 5:00pm.


Want to sponsor a tree? There are two options:

Cash Tree Sponsorship: 

Donate $1,500 - $2,500 and our talented designers will decorate a tree on your behalf


Gift-in-Kind Tree Sponsorship: 

Decorate a tree yourself in your own unique design (value determined by your cost (minimum $750).  More information about creating your own tree can be viewed here.

See complete Sponsorship information and benefits here


Festival features one of the largest silent auctions in Central Alberta.  Bid online on a wide variety of items, including Christmas décor and our exquisitely decorated Christmas trees.  Open during public hours in the Parkland Pavilion.  Online bidding opens November 28 at 5:00pm.

Auction closes at 3:00pm on Sunday, December 1.

Would you like to donate a Silent Auction item?


Silent auction & raffle items are a valuable part of the Festival and generate much enjoyment for our guests. 

​Auction items are displayed in the Tree Room and are placed to best complement the overall design of the room as well as to ensure your promotion as a sponsor.  


See complete Sponsorship information and benefits here

All donation values will be determined in accordance with Canada Revenue Agency guidelines.  Substantiated fair market value must accompany all items. 


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