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Funds raised through Festival sponsorships and activities are always used for critically needed equipment at the Red Deer Regional Hospital Centre and other healthcare centres in the Central Zone of Alberta.


As the only facility in Central Zone with Intensive Care and Coronary Care beds, the Red Deer Hospital will be creating a permanent space for CCU and expanding its ICU beds by 8, for a total of 20 ICU beds. Our healthcare system needs more capacity, and this expansion is the first step in responding to the increased demand for high-quality care for patients in the ICU and CCU.

Cardiac enhancements and expansion of bed space have been a longstanding priority for our hospital, and Festival of Trees is thrilled to support the equipment needs in these new spaces by providing CPAP/BI-PAP machines, ultrasound systems, Glidescopes, and much more.


Red Deer Hospital serves over 500,000 people, and approximately 150 surgical procedures are completed each week at our hospital, including general surgery, gynecological surgery and endoscopy. As the only referral centre in the Central Zone, Red Deer Hospital handles some of the most complex operating room procedures.


Red Deer Festival of Trees 2021 funded critical operating room equipment. Having access to new and replacement equipment for the OR improves the patient experience and reduces wait times for life-saving surgeries, allowing our friends and family to remain close to home during their procedures.


Red Deer Regional Health Foundation is the main fundraising organization for the Red Deer Regional Hospital Centre and other healthcare centres throughout the Central Zone of Alberta.

Established in 1994, the Foundation's mandate is to raise and disburse funds for programs, services, and the purchase of medical equipment.


World class healthcare in Central Alberta


Enhance healthcare excellence in Central Alberta by raising funds to provide state of the art medical equipment and services.

For more information on the Foundation and to give directly to the Red Deer Regional Hospital Centre, visit our website.

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